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Yo, it's Re here, popping in to say that I'm likely going to be pretty much MIA starting today/tomorrow as I'm going to Gencon for the weekend and only taking my tablet with me to hotel.

I'll have plurk and discord on my phone so you can ping me there if you need to ask me anything or just randomly talk to me while I'm waiting for a game session to start. Tags though likely will not resume until I get back in on Monday. Until then just pretend Genda is doing his typical nerd things and being a model student while spreading sheep everywhere.

Plurk @ pinkparasol

Discord @ pinkparasol#4080
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Again, yes. The summer is very busy for me this year.

But I'll be out of town from tomorrow afternoon (the 15th) until Saturday afternoon (the 19th). I'm headed to Boston for a conference.

Fastest way to reach me is probably private plurking me ([plurk.com profile] atrypical). Tags will be slow until I return, as phone tags are hard.

I'll see you when I get back!

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Taro | [personal profile] hachitaro
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Who: Heiji Hattori, Kidou Yuuto, Shirou Fubuki
When: Backdated to July 9th
Where: Green Valley Area
What: Two navigators and a combatant walk onto a crime scene...

...there's no punchline because murder investigations are no joke. )

Backdated to July 30

13/8/17 01:51
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Taro Watanabe kwdantalion@applenet.net
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Okay no awful lazy typing this is serious time.

So we made out okay last fight, right? But we're gonna have worse fights coming up, I can guarantee that. There's no way that this is over.

So I want everyone to post, if they're comfortable, what kind of stuff they can do. It can either be with those monster things we summoned, or otherwise.

Look, I'll go first.

My thing could do psychic damage, heal, boost stats, and communicate telepathically. I'm also good for general shady stuff like getting in and out of places.

Now it's your turn.

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12/8/17 20:33
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Ran Mouri rmzepar@applenet.net
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I had a few questions to ask, if anyone can help:

1. Has it ever happened before that someone hasnโ€™t completely Awakened? I mean . . . they remember some of their memories, but not all of them, and they never made a pact and never had anything appear like everyone else?

Is there a way to get them to Awaken completely?

2. Has anyone seen someone named Shinichi? He's been on the app before. I donโ€™t know how to contact him otherwise. I donโ€™t even know who heโ€™s supposed to be in this place. He told me a few days ago heโ€™d talk to me, and he left the app abruptly, and I havenโ€™t seen him since. Is there a way to find out where he is?

(Shinichi, if you see this, youโ€™d better say something!! Youโ€™re making me worried.)

3. Not quite as serious, but still important โ€“- I need a place to practice karate. I guess I never learned it here, but if things are going to happen like that last battle, I need to make sure I practice and keep getting better. Does anyone else practice too? Having a partner โ€“- or partners โ€“- would be good!

Thank you!

7/17, Revelations

13/8/17 00:16
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Augustine Sycamore a.sycamore@applenet.net
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Alright. I think I managed to recover from the "Awakening" a few days ago as well managing most of my recovered memories. But to be honest, having them along with my false memories might be a little difficult for me to get used to.

As for this post, I think I managed to make a connection to our usernames so far. I know some of you already researched this, but I just want to make this so any Awakened who didn't research this might know this.

For one thing, the first connection I want to point out is that they belonged to The Lesser Key of Solomon. Marchosias, Valac, Astaroth, Foras... All of our usernames are related to the names of the demons found in that literature on demonology.

Another detail I noticed is that the usernames we were assigned to are related to us for some reason. For me, I realized why I have the name "Foras" after I recovered my memories. For one thing, Foras's ability to grant long life is somehow sounds similar to the legendary Pokemon, Xerneas, also known as the Life Pokemon. I didn't see it for myself, but I do heard someone who owns it.

I don't know if your usernames are related to you very personally, but just contact me and I'll try my best to give you any information about the names you're assigned to. I don't know if it's much, but I'll try to do everything I can to help out on figuring out our next move.

Mini Mod Post

11/8/17 00:07
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Hello everyone.

First of all, we'd like to apologize for disappearing the past few weeks due to major real life issues that hit the both of us. Rest assured we're taking steps so such a situation will not happen again and we'll have some backup to take care of any issues that arise. We're making this post a little short, but there will be more in the upcoming weeks, along with things we had promised before our lives went haywire. This being said, we do have a few things to address;

Activity check, Helper Mods, Reserves )


9/8/17 10:00
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This is Akino. I will be on hiatus beginning this weekend, since I have a job interview out of state and I have to travel. I will be bringing my computer, but I can't promise if I'll get everything set up to RP. Plus, if I do get the job, I'll have to look for an apartment, but I'm hoping this doesn't take more than a week or two.

Edit: And never mind on that. My interview got canceled.
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Ankh โ˜ธ Andrealphus Aandrealphus@applenet.net
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Since this has been asked several times, I've decided to make a general announcement to all you humans: I am a Greeed. I am not human, I do not see the world the same way you do, nor do I care to. I'm sure there others that are not entirely human in this mess so let's stop with acting surprised every time I mention that I do not share the same biology as the rest of you.

In other news, I have finally worked out a deal with a small ice cream maker by the name of Chili Sweet. They have a little penguin mascot by the name of Pele that's often dressed in piratey gear. They have three small shops, but with a little talking, I am going to have one close to the school set up that we can use for one of our hideouts.


7/8/17 20:52
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Who: Gladion and Chikusa
When: Backdated to 7/10
Where: The flower shop where Chikusa is working
What: Following up from here.

I just want to understand )


7/8/17 13:03
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Who: Shirou Fubuki and Yuuto Kidou
When: Backdated to 7/9
Where: Their home in Green Valley
What: They have a lot to talk about...

It was a rude awakening indeed... )
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Genda Koujirou โš” Marchosias GKmarchosias@applenet.net
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Due to recent developments and the changing numbers of those of us upon this network, as well as certain needs to be met in making certain the next encounter we face is in our favor. The need for pooling and gathering resources is of a high importance now. Especially in regards to medical equipment or items to give to those that are on the cusp of awakening and are in danger. The amount of time and money for such is a bit daunting as several caches of such would need to be placed in various key locations around the city as a just in case.

If we can generate volunteers for certain supplies or those willing to place and check on these various caches periodically could help us all in the long run.

[There's a large pause before a new message is added as an afterthought.]

I recently reached the minimum age for part time work and thus am looking for any ideas on where to apply that will not cause complications if the attacks we've been under were to increase in the near future. Any help would be appreciated in this regard.


5/8/17 19:28
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Kiriya Kujo โš” Baalberith kkbaalberith@applenet.net
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Who: Chikusa, Mukuro, and potentially some stalkers idk
When: July 9 | Set during this innocent post
Where: Mukuro's dorm room
What: Apologies and Sundaes

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