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Recursion App

OOC Information
Name: Letty
Are you over 18?: yup
Contact: [ profile] SilverStilletto, crossfortunes#5626 on Discord

IC Information
Character: Nagisa Shiota
Age: 15
Canon: Assassination Classroom
Canon Point: The night in between Korosensei’s death and the graduation ceremony

History: Doot

Nagisa, at first meeting, seems like a normal calm and friendly teenage boy -- and in many ways, he is. He likes normal things like sushi and makes a hobby out of research. He's fairly mature, especially compared to some of his more perverted classmates, but it might be more that he simply doesn't look at girls any differently than boys: gender and sex are taken as surface fact rather than anything particularly socially demanding. This is a pattern he takes with many things as observation is one of his key skills. He notices many things others don't very quickly, but sets them aside as facts instead of making much judgement. Nagisa has become extremely blasé about general oddity as a result, capable of handling most things with little more than a sigh. Sometimes he shows some skewed priorities regarding what the weirdest or worst part of a mild situation is. He is polite and good-natured, a gentle spirit who comes across as an herbivore. This, combined with his small stature and build, makes him quite the bully magnet.

Speaking of bullies, he has a considerable amount of respect for justice, rebellion, and revenge. He isn't vindictive by nature, but is more than willing to prove his chops or help someone fight back against a rotten system. This is thanks to both his time crushed under the weight of the Class E discrimination policy and Korosensei’s influence. His training has left him with almost a trigger -- mention killing around him and he takes it as a challenge. Tell him he can't or won't or could never and he will prove you wrong.

This brings me to his true nature, because while he is genuinely a nice and helpful person, he is absolutely not the harmless creature he comes across as. Nagisa hides a potent bloodlust, comparable to the deadliest serpent. He is capable of smiling like an angel and not batting an eye as he slips a knife between someone’s ribs, and can become alarmingly cold-hearted when challenged. Assassination comes to him as naturally as washing his hands. Even more terrifying, however, is that he doesn't know the fear of death. Nagisa holds no fear of dying, nor does the idea of killing someone scare him, nor is he rattled after leaving a life-or-death situation. This isn't to say he’s reckless or that he’s always calm; neither of those are true. He has anxieties and worries. He approaches danger carefully, thinking through his moves and keeping a general, adaptable plan, but fear and acknowledging danger are different. In heated situations, fear is replaced by other feelings, such as anger or spite, and those will be how he loses his cool. Fear, understood as paralyzing terror for his own well-being, is not a factor for him: he very literally doesn't afraid of anything.

He can feel plenty of other things, though. Anger is one. Hurting his friends is a very quick way to get him angry. When incensed, he becomes almost feral. The one time he grew angry enough to lose all cool was when Takaoka blew up the antidote to the poison used on his class. He knows perfectly well that his classmates are capable of taking care of themselves, so endangering them alone won't set him off, but taking away their hope altogether will. Even then, with some help, he can regain his senses easily. He feels a milder, more spiteful anger when their agency is undermined. It’s part of his sense of rebellion -- he naturally fights against limits placed on him (without being a rule-breaker) and dislikes those who enforce them. He is sensible though, and only attacks the unfair limits -- normal rules like dress codes or polite behavior make sense to him.

Nagisa also doesn't feel much in the way of pride. While he is at this point confident in his abilities and while he can be proud of his accomplishments or his class, he isn't bound or slowed by attacks on his honor. He is generally unbothered by most insults, aside from those that bring out his spiteful side (which are generally to the effect of “what can you expect from Class E”). He has no hesitation when it comes to casting aside his pride and will easily give in to others’ demands. In combination with his utter lack of fear, this makes it nigh-impossible to break his spirit.

Confidence is a fairly new thing for him, however. Being a bully magnet has that effect, and dropping into Class E and thereby losing what friends he had left only compounded it. Karma, a classmate, also factors into this lack of confidence: the two of them used to be close, but Karma slowly distanced himself and they eventually became only acquaintances. Nagisa believed for a time that Karma simply grew bored of him, though he’s since learned otherwise and is best friends with Karma once more. He wouldn't have blamed him for it, though: Nagisa doesn't notice things like his own talents, the potency of his bloodlust, or his lack of fear, so he considers himself to be easily forgotten or brushed aside, though this has been steadily changing under Korosensei’s tutelage. He can feel plenty of shame over his seemingly weak will. Another major issue in this vein is regarding his mother. She wanted a daughter and views her son as an extension of herself, which she uses to justify being controlling, manipulative, and even physically abusive. She won't let him cut his hair or decide the course of his life for himself. Nagisa used to find it impossible to defy her and had resigned himself to her control. This, too, has changed thanks to Korosensei, and he has finally gained some independence. His mother is the source of his anxiety over his small size and androgynous appearance as well as his discomfort with gender presentation related jokes. Put simply: he hates that he could very easily pass for a girl.

The biggest external influence on Nagisa is Korosensei. As an assassination target and, more importantly, as a teacher, Korosensei bore no ill will or judgement against Class E. He taught them to hone their skills as both assassins and students and made sure to inspire them to rebel against the discrimination they face. Nagisa looks up to Korosensei more than anyone. They had a unique relationship where they could be friends, teacher and student, and assassin and target all at once. Korosensei inspired Nagisa to have confidence in himself. While he still can't really see himself as all that impressive and has lingerings anxiety over his future (again, partially derived from his mother’s control), the more Nagisa aspires to be like Korosensei, the further away his limits get.

A key piece of Nagisa’s outlook is that he can constantly expand his limits. He approaches people and situations openly, without much judgement… He approaches everything as a student, and so he is constantly learning. When he has a goal, he only looks straight ahead toward it, considering every angle to reach it but not allowing himself to be distracted from it. He observes and quickly picks up on details, and he sorts and assimilates the best into his own style. He constantly develops and matures, and because he correlates education and assassination, he also approaches learning as a battle to be won. This is a quiet process, because Nagisa isn't the type of assassin who can win in a direct confrontation. His aspiration is to be like Korosensei -- not the Korosensei that was the world’s greatest assassin, but the Korosensei who was the world’s greatest teacher. As a result, his dream for the future is to be a teacher.

Nagisa’s every skill and trait build him into a perfect, pure assassin. He doesn't hold grudges or judge, he doesn't feel any particular love or fear toward death, he has no ambition but constantly seeks to refine and improve himself. His weaknesses are incredibly standard, considering the abnormality of his situation: he underestimates himself, is unsure of how to proceed toward his goal in life, is easily dragged into trouble (when he doesn't attract it himself), and has easily exploitable issues with his mother and appearance. He doesn't see himself as valuable as an individual, though he could be helpful to a group. In essence, his view of himself is capable but weak.

Etc: Nagisa has a number of skills that are not special powers, not even by his world’s standards. They are uncommon, particularly at the degree he has, but they’re all things that, theoretically, he could still do when he Awakens. First of all, he has been trained in parkour/free-running, the use of knives and guns (both handguns and more heavy duty rifles), hand-to-hand combat, and he has sharply-honed reflexes. The following is a list of more targeted skills he has:
Observation: Perhaps his most developed skill, as it was the first to come into use. Nagisa is a perennial student - he is always watching and taking notes. He notes down many things about his target, anything that could be a potential ‘weakness’. Practically, this means he takes note of a lot of small details about a person’s behavior. Because Korosensei moves at mach 20, Nagisa’s observational skills operate at a faster speed than the average human, and his reaction speed is quicker, too. However, that’s just surface-level - his ability goes much further. He is capable of reading a person’s minute tells to judge exactly what they’re feeling and what state of mind they’re in, either to exploit or calm them. He is no mind-reader, but he certainly can’t be lied to or easily fooled. All of these tells blend together into a ‘wavelength of consciousness’, and perceiving it is second nature to him now.
Stealth: Which brings me to another major skill. Nagisa has an uncanny knack for going unnoticed. Part of it is because he’s so small and seemingly harmless, and part of it is an innate talent for sensing the path of least consideration (such as blending in with the referee during the civil war arc). His ability to detect the wavelength of someone’s consciousness has amplified this, allowing him to slip by under someone’s radar, even touch them without gaining their attention unless they’re unusually wary. Because of this, he can seemingly appear from nowhere in the blink of an eye, poised and ready to strike.
Bloodlust: Nagisa’s signature skill, however, is his potent bloodlust - despite his small size and unassuming demeanor, he boasts a fearsome killer’s intent (usually portrayed, metaphorically, as a snake). He is completely in control of this. Most of the time, he appears perfectly harmless - and, for all intents and purposes, is. It would take extended careful observation to notice he’s not, unless a direct display of his true colors occurred. Nagisa’s bloodlust is powerful enough to demand attention, enough to paralyze a trained soldier with fear. He can rein it in or let it loose as he pleases, and he can even concentrate it and cast it away to divert attention from himself as a technique in battle.
Techniques: Nagisa is capable of a technique called the nekodamashi, which if you’re familiar with Pokemon is essentially the move Fake Out. The nekodamashi derives from sumo wrestling, and involves the use of a clap to throw off the target’s guard and create the opening for an attack. Between Nagisa’s bloodlust and ability to perceive the wavelength of consciousness, his nekodamashi sends a powerful shock through the target’s nervous system, akin to electrocution (though not physically harmful on its own); at its most extreme it’s enough to send a trained soldier to his knees. Finally, Nagisa has mastered a technique known as the ‘kiss of death’, which is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s an intense kiss that overstimulates the victim, often to the point of lightheadedness or passing out.

Name: Valac
Branch: Combatant

Type(s): Physical, Electric


Passive: Offensive

Writing Sample
A network-ish example!
And since there’s a markedly different side to him not shown there…

Small, weak, useless, crybaby, pathetic, wimpy, cowardly, and submissive. The app had said not to go alone, but he did, he did anyway. No one would want to go with him. And now, as he stares down impossible blackness and way too many teeth, he knows he’s about to die all alone.

To die? To be killed.


Something quirks the corners of his mouth upward. Killed, huh. Go ahead and try.

The thought is so unlike him he’s not quite sure what to do; he wants to run, scream, cry - but he does nothing of the sort. He feels his posture relaxing. Yes, this is familiar. He isn’t even thinking anymore as his fingers find his chest, somehow slip inside, and pluck out his heart like fruit from a vine. It all comes flooding back.

He remembers the feeling of sturdy plastic under his fingers, and the familiar weight of the knife is there in his hand. He remembers round after round of deafening shots and the gun is at his hip. Yes, this is right, Nagisa thinks. The scent of the mountain greenery is still fresh in his memory, the heat of tears still in his cheeks, and he will not die here, he can’t, not so soon after graduating. Maybe it isn’t soon after. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that his knife is already in the monster, already carving a path to living another day.

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