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Nagisa Shiota ([personal profile] theserpentsmiles) wrote2017-06-12 03:44 pm

Recursion Persona info

⚔ Valac
Nagisa Shiota | ???
Weak: Wind | Strong: Electric

Cleave/Skewer/Bash (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on one enemy.)
Zio (Inflicts a small amount of Electrical damage on one enemy.)

Poisma (50% chance of inflicting the Poison ailment on one target.)
Dormina (50% chance of inflicting the Sleep ailment on one target.)
Marin Karin (50% chance of inflicting the Brainwash ailment on one target.)
Makajam (50% chance of inflicting the Amnesia ailment on one target.)
Devil Touch (50% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on one target.)

Life Will Change (Caster can cause any effect to all targets (they can pick what they want for each one), however after casting, they will have Amnesia)

Boost (Attacks are 25% more effective)
Ailment Boost (All status ailment attacks are 25% times more effective.)
Counter (10% chance of repelling Physical attacks)
Endure (Automatically survive instant KO from a Light or Dark Attack)