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Feel free to injure Nagisa, hug him, etc. Serious injuries we'll need to talk about. Come talk to me if you're after his life. I'll do the copy paste form when I'm not bound to my phone.

I would prefer if characters who aren't naturally inclined to judge and mistrust everyone not be able to pick up that he isn't so harmless. For Avenger Academy purposes, if you'd like your character to be aware of something from his background, here's the place to talk about that.

Kissing Nagisa is an experience. Feel free to try - he is easy to get the better of physically. Understand however that he is an incredibly good kisser and is capable of weaponizing it to a degree. Of your character is not an extremely experienced kisser, and if Nagisa is trying, it's entirely possible he could cause enough sensory overload to make your character pass out a bit.

The Nekodamashi is a technique he may use if your character gets in a fight with him. Does your character have functional ears? If so, they're susceptible. The Nekodamashi is essentially the Pokemon move Fake Out, and Nagisa's is powerful enough to use sound waves to briefly dry the victim's nervous system. It will not cause lasting physical damage, but may have a psychological effect of your character is already kind of unhinged. Want to talk over how much it might affect your character? Want me to avoid it entirely? Drop me a note here.

Finally, Nagisa's thing is observation. He is unnervingly good at reading people, particularly their small tells. Lie to him and he will know, unless you're covering your eyes, face, neck, and other major tell points. Try to hide your feelings and he will know. He won't necessarily use this knowledge, but understand that he can and will pick up on the parts your character doesn't say. The progression of this skill is still a mystery to him, but I'll add it here when he can do it. Let me know how okay you are with him reading your character here!

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