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Who: Makoto Fukami and Chikusa Kakimoto
Where: Makoto's dorm room.
Summary: Makoto's remembering a lot more than he used to. Chikusa is concerned about him not making sense.
Warnings: Mentions of violence, human experimentation, existential crises, betrayal, kidnapping, and extreme shounen transformations are all likely.

a choice to risk everything )
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Makoto Fukami
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I guess I missed school. And work. It looks like I've been asleep the whole day.

But I remember more from at home than I did before. My head hurts a bit, and I think I heard Luci right before I woke up... I'm not sure, though.

Has this happened to anyone else?

New character

18/10/17 22:47
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Akino here with my second character! Say hello to Aqua, from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. In case you haven't heard of the games, they are Disney meets Final Fantasy with OCs and...why haven't you heard of it by now? It's been 15 years. Aqua is specifically from the prequel, Birth By Sleep, and even more specifically, from A fragmentary passage.

In Eddan, she is Katarina Acquati, a ballet dancer out of a Green Valley-affiliated academy in Bornhond. She will normally be performing with the theatre in Richmond, but she'll be found around the Hsieh Center in her off hours--she likes the atmosphere.
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Who: Chikusa and anyone who responds to his post
What: Chikusa needs free labor. And this is for a good cause. Mingle log!
When: October 15th
Where: The Hsieh Center, a shopping and art center in Centrium, and, more specifically, the makings of the Lazarus Bell Cafe

This isn't Chikusa being lazy or anything )

10/14 - work work work

14/10/17 17:51
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Have you heard of the Hsieh Center? Go to it. Sunday. This will benefit all of us.
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Who: Employees of the Velvet Room and You
What: It's time for some introductions, and perhaps a few job offers.
Where: The Velvet Room
When: October 13
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