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Nagisa Shiota ([personal profile] theserpentsmiles) wrote2017-06-11 10:53 pm

Recursion Opt-out Post

Nagisa, in canon, has access to many skills that aren't supernatural or powers of any kind, but push the limits of human ability. For the purposes of Recursion, the following limits on his skills are in play:

Nekodamashi: His signature stunning clap skill will not be any more devastating than any other loud unexpected clap.
Kiss of Death: While unlikely to come into play to begin with, his kiss technique cannot render the victim unconscious nor can it cause excessive dizziness. He's still a good kisser, though, he just can't incapacitate anyone that way.
Stealth: While Nagisa will still have some learned stealth skills (like already knowing how to hide his footprints in a forest, for example), he won't be able to just fade into the background any more than any other quiet person would.
Bloodlust: There will be no visual metaphors of snakes, nor is his bloodlust going to be paralyzing. It will still be present, because it's tied to his personality, but it will not affect Shadows, nor will he be able to cast it aside, focus it, or weaponize it. In short: it's reduced to part of his personality, not a force of personality.
Observation: Normally, Nagisa can read a person's mood and mindset as second-nature - not literally reading minds, but reading physical tells and cues to someone's mental state. In Recursion he will still be observant, but he won't be able to perceive wavelengths of consciousness and he won't be a human lie detector - no more than a normal person can be. His instincts are good but not that good, and his eyes will still pick up on things others miss, but I won't be looking for minutiae for him to notice. He will not be able to read Shadows.

None of these skills will work during the day. The nekodamashi will just be a clap that makes him look kind of silly, the kiss of death is just a deep kiss, he's no less noticeable than a normal quiet person, his bloodlust will not read as anything more striking than a dare, and his observational skill is further reduced to not being able to read people any better than a normal person can - though he may still make mental note of side facts and basic physical information.

I would like to clarify that even un-nerfed his skills (they are not powers; all of these are within the realm of human ability, if at the extremes) are only really effective against humans or beings with fairly human responses; he cannot, for example, read a horse's tells nor can he kiss a monster into submission (...nor would he want to, he's not even interested in kissing humans). Furthermore, the exact effect of his bloodlust and skills are unknown. His app lists what canon shows he's capable of, but how and how intensely his bloodlust or nekodamashi affects another character is entirely out of my hands. I leave that up to whoever I'm playing with.

If you would like to avoid dealing with any one or combination of the above, or would like to avoid threads with Nagisa altogether, this is the place to let me know. Please specify which journal(s) you're setting up boundaries for.